We have posted some frequently asked questions and answers to help trouble shoot the Reggae fx Program.

Q. Why is there no sound playing from my Iphone when I use this application?

A. Check and make sure the Ringer is not set to Vibrate and the volume is up on the Iphone. Also, the button in the application must be held down to play sound effect.

Q. Can I use this application on my Ipod Touch?

A. Yes you can. It works on Iphone and Ipod Touch devices.

Q. Will there be future updates and more sound effects?

A. We plan on adding more sounds in the near future and we will not charge for updates.

Q. How can I use the sound on my Dee-Jay mixer?

A. You need to purchase an audio cable called a Mini Stereo Jack to RCA cable (for first version users make sure you get the cable that has a mini jack that was designed for the Iphone. Standard Mini Jack cables don't fit early Iphones.).

Q. Can I play an MP3 on the Ipod/Iphone and play the Sound fx over the MP3?

A. Yes, in order to hear the sounds with the Ipod program you have to start the desired song in the Ipod program, then press the home button to take you to the home screen and open the Reggaefx program. The sounds will work with music playing in the Ipod. You can double click the home button while you are in the Reggaefx program and accsess the Ipod controls to Pull up Selecta and Rewind!!!

Q. Can we suggest some sound fx for future updates?

A. Yes, please do.. We are very open to input from our customers.